Onsite Staffing and Mentoring

When research involves work with pathogens, toxins or Select Agents it is vital, and in the case of the select agent program it is legally required that there be a biosafety officer (responsible official) on-site. The US faces a shortage of biosafety professionals, and biosafety officers with actual experience working inside containment labs. The reason why the biosafety officer or EHS Director will be unavailable for an extended period is not important. It is important that researchers understand they will receive a high level of service and that EHS is visible, accessible and responsive, and that regulatory compliance is maintained. EHS failure can result in accidents and illnesses (or worse), loss of investigator or institutional licenses, fines and legal penalties or lawsuits, and stop work orders from within the institution, the state or federal government.

We are one of the only companies who can, and on a regular basis, provides on-site biosafety professional services to:
  • Start your program
  • Maintain your program while your biosafety professional is on leave
  • Maintain compliance and reporting with regulatory agencies (CDC SAP, USDA SAP, NIH RAC, DEA, EPA, OSHA, Import-Export requirements, State Environmental Agencies, etc)
  • Provide surge support to your EHS team
  • Work with junior EHS members to rapidly ‘transfer knowledge by doing’ and build competency
  • Provide a biosafety and overarching EHS management bridge while you are filling or refilling a position
  • Transition the program (back) and achieve a normal working routine.