Lab Verification + Certification

Certification service is available to overseas customers who seek independent third party services to verify their facility and biosafety and biosecurity programs meets nationally (Singapore, MOH), or internationally required standards (US CDC standards to be eligible to receive funds from NIH grants).

It is important to understand why certification is available overseas but is not appropriately available (or legally recognized) in the US. To date there is no government approved BSL-3 laboratory certification standard, nor is there an agency or organization that has a nationally approved method to credential and recognize individuals or entities as lab certifiers, or confer the title of ‘approved facility certifier’. Hence, no regulatory agency recognizes certification in the US.

We provide services to verify and document that laboratories in the US meet nationally acknowledged biosafety standards as put forth by the CDC and USDA by conducting testing, assisting your facility engineers with testing or by developing testing scenarios that you can use. Verification is an important step in ensuring the biosafety program and facility engineering provides safety to your people and the community.

Outside of the US, the Singapore Ministry of Health developed criteria for certifying laboratories and credentialing individuals as certifying agents. Our company is one of the few companies who are approved to provide these services in Singapore and to institutions in other countries who choose to demonstrate their labs and programs are compliant with internationally respected standards. We work closely with facility engineers and biosafety staff during the laboratory certification process and provide solutions when deficiencies or problems are identified. We provide reach back services to answer questions as they arise. The goal is to be able to conduct research or diagnostic work, and do it in a safe and secure environment that protects people inside the lab, the community and the environment.

For details regarding functional and programmatic verification or laboratory certification please contact us.